Values and Commitments

Take care of our land

In the vineyard as in the cellar, we always choose to respect Nature above any other alternative. Virtuous practices are “homeopathy” with which we naturally stimulate our land and our vines.

Nature speaks to us, through companion plants and bio-indicator plants, and we must listen to it to take better care of it.

Companion plants, such as soya (in summer) and faba bean (in winter), planted inter-row, serve to supplement the vines with natural nitrogen, humus during mowing, and intelligent water management.

Bioindicator plants bring together wild plants, which are faithful indicators of the environment in which they grow: for example, the dandelion reveals a soil where the rate of supply of organic matter of animal origin is sufficient.

Take care of our vines

We use essential oils as well as brown algae (and other little things) which allows us to fight against cryptogamic diseases (mildew, powdery mildew) of the vine, while reducing the doses of copper and sulfur on the vines. the vineyard. Each season, we only use ½ of the doses of copper and 1/10 of the doses of sulfur authorized by organic legislation.

Other practices are drawn from biodynamics: Horsetail, nettle and fern manure as a fungal preventative and insect repellent.

Take care of our wines

We make our wines in the most natural way possible:

  • Selected GMO-free yeasts
  • Slow fermentation at controlled temperature
  • Moderate use of sulphites (well below the doses authorized in organic viticulture)

Our wines are the result of a working method that respects the environment, the vines and the wine, and we put our know-how into full transparency and sincerity for the benefit of our consumer friends.

“Our desire was to highlight the richness of the soils, to enhance sincere work, close to climate issues, with grateful respect for nature. »