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About us

Jorge MESQUITA is the successor of Armelle & Jean-Marie HURE at the head of an organic vineyard since 2009, in the town of Monestier (Dordogne, in France), a few kilometers from Bergerac and the famous sweet wine of the local area : Monbazillac.

He comes from a long line of winegrowers from the Douro Valley in Portugal, the cradle of a prestigious wine and which was the first AOC in the history of wine born in 1756 : Port Wine (called too “Oporto”). All his ancestors, from the early 1700s until today, with the exception of a single generation, were winegrowers (owners or not, both on the paternal and maternal side). A family legacy that has not been perpetuated because, like many Portuguese national residents, his parents chose to emigrate to France in order to aspire to another life, at a time when the wine-growing activity of Portugal did not allow to support all the members of a family and gave little prospect for the future.

After worked as accountant, human resources assistant, human resources assistant manager and payroll manager, he began a new career started in 2013 towards a job that has always attracted him like a magnet.

A successful professional career rich in different and complementary experiences, in contact with winegrowers passionate about their profession and in love with their terroir :

  • 2012 : Christian Peligri Champagnes (Colombey-les-deux-Eglises, AOC Champagne, Haute-Marne)
  • 2013 : Château Combe des Ducs (Fleury-d’Aude, AOC La Clape, Aude)
  • 2014 : Champagne Jean-Louis Chauré (Bassuet, AOC Champagne, Marne)
  • 2015 : Higher Technician Certificate in Viticulture & Oenology (BTSA V.O.) at the CFPPA in Avize (Avize, Marne)
  • 2015 : Château de Pouzols (Pouzols-Minervois, AOC Minervois, Aude)
  • Since 2015 several harvests and seasonal work at different winegrowers.
  • 2022 : Resumption of the exploitation of Armelle & Jean-Marie Huré in Monestier (Dordogne): Estate in organic viticulture since 2009 on the AOC Bergerac & Saussignac. It’s a great adventure that begins…

With courage, humility, passion and honesty, we can only accomplish good work.